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AI Mirror Mod APK
  • Developer: POLYVERSE INC.
  • Category: Photography, Photo Editing
  • Mod Features: Premium Unlocked, No Ads
  • Latest Version: 3.16.0
  • Size: 99 Mb
  • Update: April 17, 2024


When it comes to photo editing, Ai Mirror Mod APK is number one transformative photo editing app. Using artificial intelligence technology, it transforms your pictures into entertaining anime, animations, cartoon characters, avatars, memes and characters. With mod version all the premium features will be accessible for free. All filters and all styles are unlocked. It gives ad-free experience. Moreover, the final result is high-resolution output. Ai Mirror For iOS is also available in App Store if you are iOS user. So, now you can create your own art and share it with the world.

ai mirror mod apk

What is AI Mirror?

AI Mirror is a revolutionary application that works on the principles of AI technology. It allows you to turn your images into anime, cartoons, characters, emojis or enhance your photos by adding filters and styles. The styling of the images is totally personalised and according to your taste. You can customise to either edit your photos in simple way or apply advanced editing techniques. 

In anyway, it is really easy to use and navigate due to its user-friendly interface. This tool is used by content creators who make art or even by ordinary users who want to put a captivating profile image on their socials. In any case, AI Mirror caters the interest of all. 

It has wide range of creative filters that add essence to the photos. It can also turn your images into favourite anime characters. Furthermore, there are other editing options such as cartoon creation, video transformation and others. In short, it is enriched with heavy customization options that you can choose. 

With just one click you will get your image transformed creatively. After you have created you will be able to save and share with other creators. Let’s go through the attributes of the AI Mirror that makes it different from other editing applications.

AI Mirror Features

  • Turn yourself into anime character by choosing your favourite from wide variety of manga characters.
  • You can create 3D cartoon characters from your image.
  • Transforming your image is really versatile with AI Mirror since it has option to add filters, styles and effects.
  • Your editing will be customised and personalised.
  • You can share your work on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • You can also share your work with other creators on this app to inspire them. Or you can explore other artists to take inspiration.
  •  It brings regular updates with styles and effects.
  •  It has user-friendly interface and is safe to use.
ai mirror features

These are some features that are common in AI Mirror APK as well as AI Mirror Pro. The difference between both is that AI Mirror Premium is advanced version and has a lot of advantages. It is a paid version but if you download AI Mirror Mod APK you will get to enjoy all the premium features for free.

What is AI Mirror Mod APK?

ai mirror mod apk

Although AI Art APK has many captivating features such as artistic filters, custom art styles and much more but there are some filters, styles, anime characters and other elements that are locked and can be accessed by premium users. In such case AI Mirror Mod APK comes to the rescue. It is a modified form of the original app such that anyone who downloads it can access all the features for free. Which also mean all premium features are unlocked. This is important to make sure everyone gets a chance to avail the premium functionalities for free. Let’s check out the features of AI Mod that makes this app stand out from the basic version.

AI Mirror Mod Features

  • Advanced filters unlocked: there are some advanced premium filters that are captivating but locked on basic app. In AI Mirror Mod APK they are all unlocked therefore you can freely use them to experiment with the styles that you need for your images.
  •  All art styles unlocked: similarly, there are some custom art styles that are paid but here on this app they are all unlocked for free. This includes changing texture intensity, color blending and adjusting other parameters.
  • Automatic video generation: your static images can be converted into aesthetic videos. So now you can add life to you your images by turning them into video. 
  • High Resolution Results: you will be able to save your final retouched image in exceptionally clear and detailed form. It is to make sure the quality is not compromised.
  • No Watermark: watermarks of the editing apps on the images can be annoying. Therefore, the app comes with premium feature of removing watermark that can be used freely on mod or pro version. 
  • Ad-free: advertisements during photo editing can be annoying and therefore the AI Mirror Premium APK has made sure all of them are blocked. 
ai mirror mod features

Download AI Mirror Mod APK

You must be convinced to get this amazing tool for your image editing, follow these instructions to get it on your device.

  • Go to your device Settings and Privacy.
  • Open the option for “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  • Now, use the link on our page to start downloading.
  • After the download is complete, locate the file in Downloads and in Files.
  • Tap on it, accept necessary permissions and complete the installation.
download ai mirror mod apk

Note: To download AI Mirror For PC, first you have to download an emulator such as Blue Stacks. After you get the emulator, download the AI Mod APK and then open it through the emulator.

How to use AI Mirror Mod APK (premium unlocked)?

Below are the steps through which you can create your art using AI Mirror. 

  • Choose the option for “upload” and choose the photo from your album. It can be an image of anything, such as picture of yours, your friend, your pet or your favorite celebrity.
  • Upload the image and start editing. Using different options such as “draw” you can turn the image into a painting. You can choose filters such as of anime or other characters which further has many different options.
  • Save your edited image on your device in high resolution. You can also share this image on other cross platforms such as Facebook.
  • You can share this creative image with the community on AI Mirror Mod APK to inspire others.

Tips and Tricks to get best results with AI Mirror Mod APK

Try to start with high quality image to ensure that your final image is of high resolution. 

  • Try exploring filters and styles of different categories to find the desired one. You can experiment with mixing filters and styles together.
  • Go through the artwork of other users to get some inspiration, there are some great artists out there.
  • Enhance the image’s sparingly to avoid artificial formation as sometimes over saturating with filters may give artificial look.
  • Play around and manually adjust the settings in the app.
  • Use the zoom in feature to do refine editing.
  • Always compare original and edited version before saving.
  • Keep a copy of original photo before making changes.
  • Keep practicing to get your perfect image. 
  • Always keep your app updated so that you can access newly added features.

Pros and Cons of AI mirror


  • Overall transformation is effortless and time saving
  • There are wide variations of styles and filters.
  • It has user friendly interface and anyone of any level can start using it.
  • You can join and contribute to building a community where everyone shares art and collaborate with each other.
  • With mod version all premium features are unlocked which means you will get access to customization and high-resolution images.
  • It provides ad-free experience.


  • You will active and strong internet connection to start using some features.
  • Some styles and filters might not be accessible in certain areas.
  • Sometimes it may generate results that might not be up to user’s expectations.
  • It may require large space on your device hence, make sure you have enough space on the device.


Yes, although, downloading third party apps can be of great privacy concern, our site provides links for the app that are safe to download.

Yes, it is totally free of charge to download, and you will also access premiere features for free.

Yes, apart from Android, it is supported on IOS, PC and Tablet.

In the premium version all filters, styles and effects are unlocked. Ads are blocked and images can be saves in high resolution. Furthermore, you will save images without watermark.


Ai Mirror is one of the revolutionary applications of the today’s world. It satisfies your need to have a best profile picture by turning your images into anime, characters and cartoons. It has wide range of filters and styles which can keep you engaged for hours. Using AI algorithms, it employs filters and transforms their style, hairstyles, clothing, color grading and much more. If you are an anime fan, you can also enjoy this app by creating anime characters out of your images. It uses advanced AI technology and creates anime, artwork, memes, avatars and cute pictures. It is a free app and can be downloaded on Android as well as IOS.

AI Mirror Mod APK is a pro version of the original application. It was developed to cater the interests of those who want to be creative with the premium features. On this app all premium features are unlocked, and all characters, anime and cartoon characters are unlocked. It also ensures the best quality of the images when saved and gives ad-free experience. Follow simple steps that we have mentioned above and get your hands on this edge-cutting app.